How to clean the ironing board and the best ironing service in Dubai?

best ironing service in dubai

Best Ironing service in Dubai

Ironing is a process with neat and refreshed clothes. It helps keep the wrinkles away from our dress and makes us feel good. While we concentrate on ironing our fresh dress, sometimes we  forget the significance of cleaning our ironing board. In this blog, we will look at how to cleanse the ironing board and the best ironing service in Dubai.

Like with everything we keep in the home, ironing boards can be vulnerable to dust and dirt. If you do not wash or clean the ironing board, there is a high chance of all the dust latching onto your fresh clothes while ironing and when we take the ironing board after a few months it is occupied by most of the dust particles and these dust is causing allergy problems in some people. Some people who have dust allergy also show signs of asthma and difficulty in breathing and here are some steps to clean your ironing board are given below. 

Change the cover and pad

If the  cover is not suited for a washing machine wash, You can do a manual wash. Spot the dust and stains in your iron board cover and get a few amounts of water, few amounts of vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda in a spray bottle and start to spray the dust or dirty area in the cover cloth. After a few seconds, get a good cotton cloth or microfiber cloth and wipe the ironing board cover well.

Wiping the ironing board to clean neatly 

To make sure you clean the ironing board effectively, get a good sanitizer, continue using a good cloth or microfiber cloth and begin wiping the surface of the ironing board. Don’t miss any pieces of the board and slowly Wipe and clear the bottom portions of the board and clean any cobwebs you see below  the ironing board legs and reach your hand to unreachable areas below the ironing board with the sanitizer and apply cloth well in that areas and wipe down all dirts and dust from the board.

Keep your Ironing Board near sunlight for Drying

Once you’ve cleaned the ironing board, it is time to add a new cover. If you have another one you can use that or dry the old cover in sunlight and put it back into the ironing board. Now your Dress is ready to be ironed again with no worries of cobwebs or dust transferring to new clothes or causing dust allergy.


Best Ironing service in Dubai 


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