4 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Smell Great

Here are some super effective, tested and proven ways from HomeSquad’s cleaning experts, to keep your home smell fresh.

Smelling good is feeling good and a good smelling home makes your home more presentable and welcoming. Studies have proven that pleasant smells not only evoke your emotions but also make you feel great.  

Looking for some ways to freshen the air and keep your home smell amazing? 

Cleaning experts from HomeSquad maid service in Dubai have highlighted their favorite 4 simple ways to make your home smell great all the time.

Here you go!

Try A Simmer Herb Potpourri

Simmering herb potpourri is a great way to add a fresh scent to your home. Simply simmer water in a pot or a saucepan with some herbs like peppermint or rosemary and you are set. Make sure you let the mixture simmer for a few hours on low heat to release the scent. You may need to add some water from time to time to avoid burning the ingredients.

Peppermint is an instant energy booster whereas rosemary eases stress. These herbs improve mental function and can even keep some bugs away. 

You can add any herbs of your choice and fill your home with an inviting scent.

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Let The Diffuser Do The Magic

Looking for something that can give you a quicker result? 

Well, the diffuser will do the magic. 

Fill an empty diffuser with water. Pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil or mix up your favorite essential oils to create the perfect blend that you love. 

That’s it. Turn the diffuser on and enjoy the fresh scent!

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No Diffuser? Here Is An Alternative!

Take an old spray bottle. Fill it with water and pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil into it. 

Shake well, and use it as a fabric freshener spray. 

Use this fabric spray to freshen up towels, linens, cushions, upholstery, curtains, and other fabrics.

Always test the mixture on a hidden part of the furniture to ensure the oil you have chosen to use does not cause any damage.

Don’t want to add fragrance? Try a neutralizer. 

If you are not a big fan of scents or you just want to get rid of the funk without adding a fragrance, a neutralizer can help. 

A neutralizer will keep the air fresh without adding a fragrance to your home.

No matter how well you clean the home, if you still find certain parts smelly due to pet litter, baby diapers, or anything else, having an odor neutralizer spray is of great help.

Here is how you do it. 

Mix some water, baking soda, and lemon juice in a bowl. Once they are mixed well and stopped fizzing, pour the solution into a spray bottle. Spray it onto problematic areas to get rid of odors.

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Expert Cleaning from Reliable Maid Service in Dubai

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