COVID-19: Do you really need to sanitize and disinfect your home?

As the world increases precautionary measures against COVID-19, personal hygiene and accompanying environmental hygiene is highly crucial to stay away from illnesses. Keep on reading to know what HomeSquad, the leading home cleaning services company in Dubai has to say about keeping your home sanitized and disinfected.

Home Cleaning Services Dubai

The world has turned into a war room, where we all are in a survival war against the global pandemic – Coronavirus! From social distancing to lockdowns, the globe is taking a whole heap of safety measures to prevent the spread of this virulent virus.

Coronavirus seems like the tiniest yet most powerful enemy of mankind, where the economic impact of the pandemic appears to be more than that turned up in the second world war. Staying indoors is of course the best way to prevent any chance of getting exposed to the virus at this point. We know that the Coronavirus can be transmitted via airborne droplets, and as a result, they may land and contaminate any surfaces. Research shows that these viruses can stay viable for several hours or even days depending on the surface they land. So maybe our hands are not the only thing we need to sanitize.

Here’s what HomeSquad, the leading home cleaning services company in  Dubai recommends to keep your home sanitized and disinfected. Follow the updates from the CDC, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more information on the prevention of diseases.

Know The Difference: Cleaning, Disinfection & Sanitization

Cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization – The terms worth their weight in gold during this pandemic season. Though the process is somewhat similar, they are highly beneficial in ensuring a germ-free environment. When cleaning aims at removing specks of dirt and debris, sanitization and disinfection work on removing invisible germs and pathogenic microorganisms from surfaces.


Cleaning surfaces helps to remove visible dirt, dust particles, and debris from different surfaces. The cleaning process possesses fewer antimicrobial properties than sanitization and disinfection. If not used together with a germicide, there may be a risk of cross-contamination during moping or dusting surfaces.


Sanitization helps to reduce bacteria and visible dirt contaminants from surfaces. This process reduces the growth of microbes from all kinds of hard surfaces. Although the sanitization process cannot ensure to kill all types of germs present on surfaces, it is effective in reducing the presence of microorganisms on different surfaces.


On the flip side, disinfection ensures protection against pathogenic microorganisms that can cause flu, influenza, and other infectious diseases including COVID-19. Disinfection works by using chemicals to eliminate pathogens on surfaces or objects and downturn the risk of spread and growth of infectious germs. 

HomeSquad, the leading home cleaning services company in Dubai, recommends adding disinfection to your cleaning routine as disinfection is efficient in killing bacteria. Thus, reducing chances for bacterial illnesses too, regardless of COVID-19. 

The Benefits Of Home Sanitization And Disinfection

A clean room brings a happier state of mind, increases productivity, and improves the quality of sleep. To ensure a healthy home for your family, it’s also important to sanitize and disinfect your home. A well-sanitized home deep cleans your home on a microscopic level. It keeps you safe and healthy, especially in light of the current scenario of the novel coronavirus outbreak. 

In a nutshell, both sanitization and disinfection ensure a lowered risk of getting in contact with harmful germs. HomeSquad the home cleaning services company in Dubai picks the top reasons why you should clean, sanitize, and disinfect your home. 

  1. Reduced health risks
  2. Destroy the breeding grounds of microbes
  3. Prevention of pathogens from hard surfaces
  4. Eliminate germs from high touch areas
  5. Reduce allergy attacks
  6. Enhances freshness to your home
  7. Improve home odor
  8. Lessen respiratory issues
  9. Get rid of mold and mildew
  10. Lower down stress levels

Where And How To Disinfect According To HomeSquad, The Leading Home Cleaning Services In Dubai




Any High Touch Surfaces

A high touch surface is any surface in your home that is touched frequently.  For example, doorknobs, any handle, light switches, fixtures, back of chairs, tabletop, laundry area, remote controls, electronic devices, or countertops.


Mark high touch surfaces and flat non-porous surfaces of your home. Disinfect them regularly with any disinfectant with at least 70% alcohol content as suggested by the CDC.

Electronic Devices

Since electronic devices can easily catch dust and dirt, they can go through an everyday volley of germs and dirt that can make you sick.


Use a microfiber towel to wipe rubbing alcohol onto the surface of electronic devices. Rubbing alcohol eliminates the risk of water damage to your electronic devices as it evaporates quickly.

The Kitchen

One of the top places in your home where germs can hang out. Moisture locks can be the breeding place for bacteria and viruses. 


Sanitize shelves and drawer handles, utensils, refrigerator door handles, and reusable grocery bags regularly at least with good dishwashing soap and water.


Bedrooms are where you start and end the day. Thus, bedrooms have a high chance of getting caught by germs.


Wash your pillowcases frequently with a few drops of any disinfectant liquid. Empty the trash regularly, and pay more attention to high touch areas.


If you are sharing bathrooms with other family members, then HomeSquad, the home cleaning services company in Dubai recommends disinfecting high touch areas inside bathrooms after every use if possible.


HomeSquad’s cleaning services team in Dubai suggests to stop sharing personal belongings like hand towels. Besides, use a disinfecting spray on high touch areas like handles, faucets, or fixtures before using them.

If you want the DUBAI Municipality approved disinfection and sanitization services for your home, you can call HomeSquad, the specialist in home cleaning services in Dubai. 

Home Cleaning Services Dubai

Hire Professionals For Disinfection

Hiring professionals for disinfection and sanitization ensure the assistance of experienced specialists. At HomeSquad, we research and serve our clients with the best cleaning techniques. Moreover, our disinfection and steam cleaning techniques are clinically tested and proven for treating virus containment surfaces. You can hire experts from HomeSquad to sanitize and disinfect every far and near space of your home. Click here to know more about disinfection and sanitization services by HomeSquad.

Home Cleaning Services Dubai

In conclusion, it’s a great step to add disinfection and sanitization to your cleaning routine for the prevention of illnesses. Although household disinfection works, you can hire a specialist service for an added layer of protection. HomeSquad can be your perfect destination to fulfill all kinds of cleaning needs.


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