Do’s and Don’ts of Window Cleaning

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Everyone wants to have a home that is attractive and clean. Windows play a big role in the overall appearance and vibe of a home. A clean window allows people to enjoy unabstracted views of what is beyond their house and they allow nature’s light to come in as well.  

As windows shield us from the ever-changing weather, they are constantly exposed to dust, dirt, or rain.  To keep the glass spotless, we need to clean windows regularly.  Window cleaning can be an intense task and it is time-consuming to remove stubborn stains. To get an impeccable result, one should know the do’s and don’ts while cleaning the window. 

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Here are some dos and don’ts to be kept in mind while cleaning the window. 


Clean windows regularly

It is vital to clean and maintain your windows regularly. If it is not possible to work on them regularly, we suggest cleaning windows once a week. Bright windows with open curtains give a more inviting appearance to your home.

Know about the water

Hard water is high in minerals. When you clean windows with hard water, it may leave a white cast on the surface of the glass. It is troublesome to remove the stains if the right tools are not used. Baking soda works well when it comes to removing hard water stains from window glasses. Apply a smooth paste of baking soda mixed with water onto the window. Once it dries out, use a dry cloth or a microfiber towel to scrub away the residue. You can also contact a window cleaning company for this purpose. If you are in Dubai, then you can book the service from the best cleaning Management Company in Dubai HomeSquad.

Insides are as important as outsides

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When it comes to window cleaning, most people depend on professional cleaners to take care of outside window cleaning, and they work on the insides on their own. This may seem like it will save money but in reality, it will take up a lot of your time and it may not yield the best results. Even though there are a lot of DIY approaches we can see on the internet, most of them won’t guarantee professional results especially if you don’t have the right tools.  Why risk it or phase out the window cleaning when you can have it done all in one go. Seek a window cleaning company near you for some support.

The Cleaning solution

To get your windows looking immaculate you can opt-in for a DIY cleaner that is chemical-free and friendly to the planet or you can get a specialized window cleaner from your local store. Whichever option you choose you need to know how to treat the glass.  Apply your chosen cleaner on the cloth, then wipe the glass thoroughly. Next you have to make sure that all the liquid is wiped off the window, otherwise it will leave marks. Wipe with a dampened squeegee from top to bottom. Always dry your squeegee after every stroke. You can also opt for the assistance of highly trained professionals from the best window cleaning service in Dubai



Say No to Harsh Chemicals

Using harsh chemicals can damage your window glasses. They can also leave streaks on your windows and make them look dirty. Hence, we recommend not to use cleaners with ingredients such as Ammonia, Perchloroethylene, Sodium Hydroxide, and Formaldehyde.

Newspapers are good to read news, but..

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Compared to paper towels, cleaning with newspapers is easy and most people do that nowadays. Even so, if you use wet newspaper to clean windows, they leave ink smudges on the window frames. These stains are hard to remove. Besides, cleaning windows with newspaper will not completely wipe away the liquid solution and thus will leave marks which will make you clean the window twice.

You can hire a professional window cleaning service in Dubai for stress-free window cleaning.

No Cleaning In the Sun

Windows should be cleaned before the sun hits the high temperature or on cloudy days because the temperature of the sun will overheat the window glass. It also causes streaking while you clean the window in the sun.

Get your windows professionally cleaned

It is always recommended to hire a cleaning professional to clean the window because they have the right equipment to clean the window. Improper cleaning may leave streaks on the window after cleaning so it is always better to hire a window cleaning company.

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