The importance of hygiene in your office



Maintaining a clean office is proven to improve productivity, provide for a safer environment for employees, save money in the long run and help create a positive image of the company.

Increased Productivity


Multiple studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between a clean and tidy office and productivity. Regular cleaning of the office helps remove dust which has been found to have an impact on both health and comfort.  Did you know that exposure to accumulated dust in carpets or forgotten corners can impact employee’s typing skills, logical thinking, creative thinking, and arithmetic by 2 -6%? Dust and dirt also cause discomforts such as dry eyes or itchy throats, which in turn lead to reduced focus and reduced productivity.

Maintaining workspaces, common areas, conference rooms, pantries, and toilets clean, will help avoid the spread of dust, viruses, debris, and bacteria. Most of the time they are the potential reason that employees fall ill.  Failing to maintain these areas clean can also cause the spread of common allergies, flares of asthma, and major diseases. 

When you invest in cleaning the office, employees will be protected and take fewer sick days than usual. 

A clean environment is also one that helps reduce stress, so that is one more added benefit to invest in office cleaning.  You can look at having an in-house cleaning staff or consider hiring a professional office cleaning service.

Improved Safety

All office assets are exposed to wear and tear from frequent use and just simply because of time. One way to help prolong the life of assets such as conference room furniture, tables, chairs, floors, and so on is through regular cleaning. Choosing to use a professional cleaning service helps ensure the furniture is cared for properly and with the use of the right materials. A desk chair can be spruced up at times with some steam treatment or a table can be polished to ensure the surface is shiny.  

Regular cleaning of floors and hard to reach surfaces with the right cleaning products can extend the lifespan and make them continue to look new even after years of use. For offices that have large workspace areas and floors, it is recommended to opt-in and use professional cleaning services. The professionals will make sure all office furniture and flooring is well taken care of day after day after day..

A Good Impression

Customers compare office appearance and hygiene with the service you offer. A clean and organized office reflects quality to customers, job seekers, and employees. Paying attention to the details in your own office signals that details are important to the team in that office.  Maintaining a clean office environment is also a sign of discipline and commitment, as there are a lot of tasks that need to be done repeatedly to keep things clean. 

If you need a pair of hands to help with your office cleaning, do not hesitate to check with the Squad. At HomeSquad we offer office cleaning services as well as support at exhibitions and events. We always like to listen to your clients, get an understanding of their needs, and then tailor a service package that fits those requirements. We know that each client is different and one service cannot fit all!

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