How to clean a kitchen sink ?

It’s no fun task, but to clean a kitchen sink is an important weekly task. See HomeSquad Home cleaning services Dubai best tips for cleaning a kitchen sink and offers best cleaning services in Dubai


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When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, there’s no part of the space that’s overlooked. You can spend a lot of time tackling each and every corner of the room individually, or you can think about how you can do all of it at once. It’s a lot easier to clean the kitchen sink if it isn’t full of dirty dishes. The same goes for the rest of the room: clearing clutter and organizing things by type makes it much simpler to keep everything clean as soon as something gets messy. Keeping surfaces tidy and wiping down appliances frequently also helps cut back on your workload in this space.

clean a kitchen sink


First of all, make sure your kitchen sink is fully cleared of food stuff, tea mugs, or plates. Then, give it a short pre-rinse to wash down any seeable crumbs. Once that’s done, then grab your gloves and get ready to wash your kitchen sink.

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink at home


Stainless steel is harder than most other sink materials. When compared to other types of kitchen sinks, stainless steel is less likely to permanently rust or stain. However, observe for its real opponents acidic foodstuffs, bleach, as they can vary a kitchen stainless steel sink’s finish. For this reason, avoid using acidic or sour foods that sit in the kitchen sink for extended times.

For Sink Cleaning you need 

  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Microfiber cloth

Step 2 Apply cleanser and Scrub

Begin by covering the wet sink in baking soda and adding a small amount of dish soap and hot water to your sponge. When you clean a sink, start with the edges of the basin and work your way down, forcing any dirt straight into the drain. By adding more soap and water as needed or until the surface is dirt free.

Step 2: Flush and Dry

Flush with fresh clean water. Stainless steel is infamous for showing water areas, so be sure to wipe with your microfiber cloth to clean the sink from all water drops.

How to Clean Kitchen Faucets and Handles

All faucets and handles can be cleaned using soapy water, no matter the material. Use a microfiber to wipe them down and use a toothbrush for those unreachable hard areas.

Still noticing white spots after your wipe? That’s lime from the minerals in your tap water. By adding a spoon of vinegar to the lathery water mixture and by doing one final scrub you can get glowing faucets and handles.

Get your kitchen fully cleaned by experts

It is always recommended to hire a cleaning specialist to clean the whole kitchen because they have the right equipment to clean the whole kitchen and stainless steel sinks. Improper cleaning may leave spots on the sink after cleaning so it is always better to hire a cleaning specialist company

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